The story of Excision began in the early 1950’s when Ernest Thomas partnered with two others to set up a small foundry. They focused on manufacturing pipe and valve fittings, quickly growing the organization to a workforce of over 120 employees. Metallurgist David Thomas, son of Ernest took over the business during the early 1970’s. The business was sold to Tubemakers during 1977, while the foundry was at its peak.

David proceeded to make the most of his skills acquired through many years of experience in metallurgy setting up a business specializing in saw sharpening. From the start David focused on the core values of exceeding customer expectations, with superior customer service and high-quality workmanship. The business quickly grew into a roaring success, becoming the superior saw sharpening service provider in Victoria. During the late 1980’s David began to import Bandsaw blades and Coldsaw blades, quickly becoming a preferred supplier to many other saw sharpening workshops throughout the nation. In May 1993 Excision was formed to be the importing and wholesaling arm, specializing in cutting and drilling machinery and consumables.

During the late 1990’s the third Generation began to take over, with Michael and Daniel Thomas, sons of David, moving solely into the import and wholesale side of the business. In 2003 Excision separated and became a stand-alone organization, bringing a new focus to innovation and quality to make industry and engineering workshops better and easier places to work. During 2008 Excision expanded and began to focus on manufacturing consumable metal cutting and drilling products.

Current Operations:

Excision is now owned by Michael, and Jason, son of Michael (4th Generation). It is now the largest Bandsaw blade manufacturer in Australia.. A large portfolio of only the highest quality machinery and consumables makes Excision the leading metal fabrication supplier in Australia.

Embracing the 21st century, Excision has a fully automated paperless system for its manufacturing processes. This system automatically collates and prioritizes blade orders based on urgency. It tells operators at the cut-to-length machine what coil stock is required and how many blades to cut and at what length. This system allows orders to be tracked through the whole production process, along with quality assurance and troubleshooting of potential production issues. Workflow optimization means that Excision is one of the most efficient and flexible Bandsaw blade manufacturers in the world. Our machinery is kept at optimum performance through an in-depth maintenance routine, ensuring maximum capabilities and efficiencies at all times.


By Michael Thomas

Published Jun 2, 2017 01:19 PM